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Jona Cordonier Gehring – Senior Editor

Jona David Cordonier Gehring is senior editor, and a student at Winchester College in the UK where he is active in the maths, science and sustainability societies. He is an award-winning North American and European Child Author of four books with the United Nations and Voices of Future Generations Children’s Initiative. He’s won several awards for maths, science, debating and the model UN, and his young writers contest stories are also published by Lune Spark. He was a founder of the Cambridge School Eco Council and the King’s College School Eco-Society and co-led a network of youth stranded by the global COVID-19 pandemic to host a series of online tutorials on Science, Law and Sustainability reaching over 800 youth worldwide. He enjoys reading science fiction, rowing and canoeing, travelling, he plays the flute, and he is fascinated by obscure mathematics, chemistry, physics and protecting our planet.

Catherine Grammond – Senior Editor

Catherine Grammond is a senior editor for the journal. She is a Pearson College alumni. Since her young age, she has been a dedicated of several groups at her schools and in her province to fight climate change. She has notably been a young minister of environment in Quebec. She is especially passionate about mycromediation (the use of mushrooms to decontaminate different types of soils) which led her to pursue her course of studies in the direction of agricultural and environmental sciences at McGill.  

Portia Garnons-Williams – Senior Editor

Portia Garnons-Williams is a senior editor, and a student at Ottawa-Carleton Virtual Secondary School. She is a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights, having partnered with I Love First Peoples charity to raise awareness from and raise funds for Indigenous children living in Northern Canada. With her passion for sustainability and her strong Indigenous identity, Portia blends Indigenous knowledge and culture with sustainable practices. Through her academic research and volunteerism, Portia brings to light concerns about climate change and injustice against Indigenous. Portia’s other interests include musical theatre, tennis, and videography.

Adelyn “Addy” Sophie Newman-Ting – Junior Editor

Adelyn “Addy” Sophie Newman-Ting is a junior editor and a student of St Micheal’s University School in Victoria, British Columbia. She is a gold award winning Indigenous Child Author of ‘Finding the Language’ in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Initiative. On her father’s side, she is Kwakwaka’wakw and Coast Salish indigenous, as well as English, Irish and Scottish and on her mother’s side, she is Chinese from Taiwan. Her Indigenous name is Kesugilakw meaning leader of people, and her Chinese name is Ting Li-Wen meaning pretty flower cloud. Addy enjoys dancing, baking, jump roping and singing, and she is an avid reader, writer and artist, who loves to spend time with her puppy Harriet. Addy hopes that her books will raise awareness for the climate, and the importance to saving Indigenous languages and cultures.

Nico Roman Cordonier Gehring Junior Editor

Nico Roman Cordonier Gehring is a junior editor, and a student in King’s College School Cambridge, UK. As a UN Child Ambassador for the SDGs, he is working to help protect nature and the rights of future generations globally. He edits Nico’s Natural World, a youth blog, hosts online Eco-Seminar mini-series about the SDGs, and helps to organise Cambridge’s climate-strikes. His stories have been published by Lune Spark winning first place worldwide in 2021, his KCS ‘heron team’ won the 2021 UK Young Environmentalist of the Year award, and he has starred in several drama productions in the UK and Canada.

Rehema Kibugi Junior Editor

Rehema Kibugi is a junior editor and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the head of the Journalism Club at her school and a strong debater. Rehema is a gold award winning Child Author in the UN Voices of Future Generations Children’s Initiative. Her story ‘The Children Who Saved the Mangroves’ speaks about the importance of mangrove forests and how they protect shorelines from damaging storms and winds, waves, and floods and provide income to the local people. In her story, as well as her advocacy and writing, Rehema hopes to inspire other children in Kenya, Africa, and further to speak about important matters through stories for even more children to read and enjoy.

Thomas Langford Junior Editor

Thomas Langford is a junior editor and a student at King’s College School Cambridge, UK. Having lived in France until the age of 8, Thomas is bilingual and has greatly benefitted from both the French and English culture, giving him an openness of spirit and a tolerance, acceptance and fascination for different cultures. Thomas is a councillor of the Cambridge Schools Eco-Council and a passionate advocate for the conservation of our planet. Thomas was a member of the Heron team, national winners of the Rotary Club Young Environmentalist Competition in 2021 and was a guest speaker at an online Eco-Seminar mini-series about the SDGs. Thomas attends Cambridge’s climate-strikes to raise awareness about the climate emergency and is a founding member of the environmental action group in his village, drawing together the experience and enthusiasm of local adults and children to make his village carbon neutral. Thomas loves photography, to increase his languages, to swim, to read (especially mythology from around the world), to bake, to destroy his family at monopoly and to play with and walk his ever-increasing pack of dogs. Thomas finds the world’s inaction on the injustices of climate change and world poverty incomprehensible and stands ready to fight to make the world a better place

Ella Junior Editor

Biography coming soon…


Anisa Daniel-Oniko Journalist

Anisa Daniel-Oniko lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her family. She is a writer and an ardent reader. She wrote her debut book, “Double ‘A ’For Adventure”, at the age of ten, which follows the adventures of twin girls who find themselves on an adventurous hunt.

It went on to make the long list for the Nigeria Prize for literature, the largest literature prize in Africa. This made her the youngest person to be on the long list for the Prize, as it is typically an adult competition. Her second book, Further in Florien, was released in August of 2021.

Anisa is intensely dedicated to the sustainable development goals, especially life on land, life underwater, and gender equality. She is also passionate about her writing and eagerly looks forward to the day when she sees her characters find loving places in the hearts, homes, and libraries of children (and adults!) all over the world. Her dream is to help build a world of safety, sustainability, and tolerance, and for her life to be full of adventures and escapades that’d rival those found in her stories.