Climate Change

By Anisa Daniel-Oniko

Climate change.

Two words as heavy as the weight of the world balanced precariously on the shoulders of Atlas.

Human beings, though Titans we are not, have to balance the health of our world on our fragile shoulders. Tough though it may be.

So in the case of Climate Change, we are Atlas.

But unlike Atlas, we can find and create solutions to lighten our burden ourselves.

One such solution to the pressing issue of climate change is simple.

Another pair of weighty words.

Energy conservation.

Take a moment to think about the energy use in your home. How often do you switch off the lights after you leave a room? After you leave the house? Do you leave your water running constantly as you brush your teeth? How about electricity? Do you use an air conditioner at full blast even when the weather is agreeable enough to lower the scope of its icy powers a bit?

You see, when you think about it, there are a lot of tiny things that contribute to our carbon footprint, and our impact on our world, (And yes, our utility bills).

My mother often says that charity begins at home, and the same is true of actions towards climate change.

Start at home.

The thing about climate action is that each one of our steps matters in the massive carbon footprint of the human race. When we start taking small steps to be eco-friendly at home, it gives more room for bigger events and discussions, such as making the switch to greener energy sources as opposed to fossil fuels.

Perhaps you’ll be okay if you switch off your bedroom lights this once. I know that you will be. You can do it the next time too! You’d also do just fine to swap out those light bulbs with energy-efficient ones while you’re at it. Go on! Nature is proud of you! And I am too.

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