Greening our School

By Ella Lovat

I attend primary school in Glasgow, where I am in Primary 4. We learn a lot at our school about the environment and nature, and we all know that it’s important to reduce pollution.

In my class, we do a lot of things to try to be more environmentally friendly. We have litter pickers, whose job is to pick up litter around the playground during breaks, to make sure that all our rubbish goes in the right bin, and doesn’t wind up getting eaten by birds or other animals who may get sick, or flying into the countryside.

Another thing we do is to try to reduce our use of polluting materials. We try not to use too much whiteboard ink, for example, as the pens just go into the bin.

More generally, our teachers all emphasise that we should “recycle, reuse, and reduce” every day, even in the little things.

However, I can still think of a few ways that we could make our school a better, more environmentally friendly place.

One of the ways might be to reduce non-recyclable food packaging, like plastic, during breaks and lunches.

Also, sometimes I don’t want to throw my rubbish into the bin because I worry it won’t be recycled properly, so I hold on to it until I can find a proper recycling bin inside or around school. I think it would be helpful if the school could place more recycling bins around the building, to make it easier for students to make sure that waste is treated properly.

My school is also in the countryside, and has a big, flat roof. That might also mean that the school could put solar panels on the roof to catch sunlight and reduce the need to use electricity from polluting sources. Although there isn’t always that much sun in Glasgow – so perhaps we need to make better solar panels to make better use of the light that there is.

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